Subsequent Appointments

Subsequent Appointments

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Monitoring and Support.

At NWByS we are committed to your success, and want you to achieve and maintain your specific health and weight management goals. To this end it is important that you attend regular appointments with your professional

The duration of these appointments is typically 30 - 60 minutes.

—>Research shows that on-going monitoring and support provided by a trained professional such as a Dietitian/Nutritionist ensures the best possible outcomes when it comes to changing dietary and lifestyle behaviors. A collaborative relationship between the provider and the patient allows for continuous problem solving, re-evaluation of goals, assessment of progress, and the provision of ongoing motivation and support. All of these elements are necessary to ensure continued engagement and in the long-term sustained success.


Please note:
-Appointments are required

-You must check availability  and schedule an appointment before you pay, either online using “Contact US” (office number, emails) or

WhatsApp: ‪+1 (872) 777‑1165