Office Visit

Office Visit

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What to expect at your First Consultation:

-The duration of this appointment is 90 to 120 minutes, this is time well spent allowing the Dietitian/Nutritionist to assess and identify your individual requirements.

-Complete anthropometric assessments, which refers to body measurements, specifically your Height, Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI). Body composition assessments and other measurements

-Complete nutritional assessment

-Review of your medical and family disease history.

-Look at particular lifestyle habits that may be impacting on your health and/or disease risk

-Readiness to change assessment , and motivational level

-Physical activity assessment 

-Analyze of your current food intake( 3/7 day diet record) and generate a comprehensive report of your average nutrient intake compared to your specific needs, this report will be discussed with you at your second visit.

-Raise awareness of the benefits of changing and change options.

-Goal setting basic explanation.

-Work with you to set short and long term goals.

-Educational processes are customized to your needs, and educational materials will be provided and discussed with you according your health goals

-If you are taking any supplements the Dietitian/Nutritionist will review these and evaluate them against your personal health goals.

-Explanation of the program and counseling process. 

-Explanation of the different visit types. 

-Discussion about the frequency of follow-up visits and what options will work best for you to achieve your health goals.

-Tailor your counseling program to your specific needs.


Please note:

-Appointments are required

-You must check availability  and schedule an appointment before you pay, either online using “Contact US” form or office numbers.

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