Reiki The Japanese Cure

Reiki The Japanese Cure

There is a very interesting thought out there that states that every person is walking around made up of energy.  This is known as Ki in Japan.  It is a life force of energy.  It is also stated that when a person’s body runs low on this life force, it will become easier to get disease, stress and other types of harm.  One way to promote more happiness and a healthier way of living, the body will need to be restored with energy.  This is where the Reiki will come in.  Reiki is known as a Japanese technique that will take away stress and bring health into a person’s life through the addition of life force energy.


The meaning of Reiki is made up of two words in Japanese. They are Rei and Ki and Rei will translate into “God’s Wisdom” or “ the higher Power” and Ki will mean “life force energy.” Reiki means, “Spiritually guided life force energy.” It is said upon the idea that the power to control these energy forces and change them in a person is a gift that is given by a higher power.  Many of the people that use Reiki do believe that a higher power allowed them to do Reiki.  This is not a technique that is said to be religious in any nature.  Reiki is not even tied to any religion at all and though it does give many people a better sense of stronger ties to any type of religion that the person believes in.  Reiki is not any power on the belief of any one identity or person.  It is a natural remedy for disease and emotional problems that will work if someone believes in it or not.


Reiki will work by laying your hands on someone else’s body and increasing the life force of energy.  When someone learns this practice they will have an unlimited supply of life force energy to give to other people.  This may sound like a very difficult procedure but it is really simple.  In fact, it is taught to anyone easily whether they are spiritually devoted or not.


If you are considering this technique, you will need to go through a class that is called “attunement.” This is where the teacher will pass on the ability to perform Reiki to the students.  It is simple and it will not take into consideration how smart the person is or is not.  Reiki has been taught to people of all ages and sizes and it is interesting to you, look it up. Find a Reiki master near you and take the class.  It is learned easily and believed by many people as a great stress reliever. 


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